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The House in the Woods

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in
the House in the Woods?

Here's your chance to see for yourself.

So here you are, intrigued by the tales of the spooky hunter's house in the woods, abandoned since he mysteriously went missing decades ago. Will you solve the mystery nobody else could?  
Enter if you dare...but be sure to get out before it's too late!

  60 minutes
  2-6 people


The Room of Doom

Imagine a world where the Earth’s electromagnetic field has been reversed. The protective shield between the Earth and Space gone, electric grids malfunctioning, blackouts lasting for decades...

You live in times where probability of such events is extremely high. Earth's electromagnetic field is overdue for a flip. Days of the World as we know it are numbered.

All hopes on taking appropriate preventive measures when confronting the reversal effects rest on the shoulders of Professor Prism, the world’s leading expert on electromagnetism. When he does not arrive to the conference to deliver his lecture, you know something is wrong. Worried, you come to check on the professor in his office only to discover you have been deceived and lured into the room of doom…

  60 minutes
  2-6 people
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