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The puzzles in our games require logic, observation, concentration and problem solving. They are best suited for teens and adults.
Younger people enjoy the games and are very valuableteam members proving to be great at observation and searching.
Please note children under 12 will need adult support to solve the puzzles.

Children younger than 8 years can come along and join the family games free of charge but must be accompanied by minimum of 2 playing adult
players and a maximum of 2 children under the age of 8 per room.

Reduced rate of 15 euro per person for children ages 8-16 who are attending as part of their family group, which must include at least 2 adults per room.
This price is not applicable to groups of children who are the primary players.

Recommended age for birthday parties is 10years plus, there must be a minimum of one adult per team.
We allow one free adult player per every group of 5 playing children.

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