Ealu Escape Rooms has 3 indoor games that cater for up to 18 participants ( max of 6 players per room ). Larger groups can also combine our indooor games with an outdoor scavenge hunt that is designed in an escape game style and can cater for up to 10 participants. In this scenario 3 teams are playing an indoor and one team an outdoor game.

The outdoor games consists off various logical puzzles spread across the industrial estate where Ealu is situated. Players will be travelling no further then 500 m form the entrance to Ealu Escape Rooms during the entire game, The success of the challenge depends upon finding clues, deciphering messages and solving puzzles before time runs out. For more details see decription of Tommy Two Thumbs game above.

played at your location.
Max number of players: 30

If you are a company with your own facilities or access to a spacious room we can bring the escape game experience to You ! The dragon quest is a portable escape game that we bring to location of your choice, conference room , hotel, pub you tell us where you would like us to set it up for you! . All you need is a room and up to 5 tables depending on the size of the team and we will look after the rest!

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