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Escape Tommy Two Thumbs

After witnessing a crime by the notorious Tommy Two Thumbs you must now enter the witness protection program.

Before relocating to a safe house and changing your identity, you must collect the items that will help you create a new look and allow you start a new life.

To help keep your new identity safe, your items have been separated and placed in various locations in the estate where Éalú is situated. Make sure you and your friends gather all you need to start your new life before Tommy and his boys have you silenced…. 

  60 minutes
  6-12 people
The Hidden Temple

The Hidden Temple

Can you find the entrance to the ancient Mayan temple
and steal the treasure from the tomb, before the predicted storm hits?

Look pass the obvious, leave no corner untouched! Use your wits, logic, instinct, team work and whatever else it takes to assure a victorious ending to this fun, brain-teasing adventure.

  60 minutes
  2-6 people
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